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In a small town of Bavaria, Germany, there was a watchmaker named Rumsfeld. He has done very good watch, not only waterproof but also automatic.

A watchmaker named Hans heard of what he did. He wanted to buy Rumsfeld’s technology. But Rumsfeld flatly rejected: “I will not easily give up my pursuit. My vision is to develop a kind of best watch in the world.”

Hans knew that once Rumsfeld developed his watches before him, his company will have an unprecedented threat. How can he do? The only way to help company is to develop the best watches ahead of Rumsfeld. But it is obvious that Rumsfeld has superior technology. It is not easy for Hans to invent the best watches ahead of Rumsfeld.

When Hans was helpless, he got a message suddenly: while Rumsfeld was developing the breitling bentley best watches, he was also catering hat business. Hans immediately let his assistant order straw hats from Rumsfeld. Assistant inexplicably asked: “Do you want his watch technology? Now you order his straw hats, I do not understand why you do this.” Hans smiled and said:”If the profits of selling straw hat is over the value of a watch, will Rumsfeld make efforts to develop watches?”

As expected, after Rumsfeld received the order of the straw hat, he decided to put off the things of developing best watches temporarily to make the straw hats.

In this way, Hans developed a watch for himself as soon as possible and won the market. He named his watch “Rolex” that has waterproof and automatic function.

When Rolex watches quickly take over the market and become the world’s brand, Hans points at the backyard patio of the hats to tell Rumsfeld that are his works. Rumsfeld realized suddenly, but it was too late.

Well, we will feel sorry for Rumsfeld. As he did not insist on his dream, he couldn’t use his advanced technology to invent watches. But Hans use his intelligence to make the Rolex now. So, it is useless to only have dreams if you cannot do it consistently. If you miss the opportunity to realize your dreams, at last you can only regret in your rest life. So, please insist on your dream.

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